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Is Provillus the answer to hair loss?

Man all over the world suffer from hair loss. There can be a number of causes for this. From stress, certain diseases to side effects caused by some medications. Chemotherapy can be another reason. Even the hair cut. Whatever the cause, this is actually a serious problem and can cause the person who started losing his hair to get very depressed and, therefore, unable to perform some other tasks.
Although women can suffer from hair loss, the males are much more concerned about this problem than women. The main cause of hair loss in men is a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Read more...


Want to avoid hair loss? Try Provillus

If you ask someone who doesn’t have a problem with hair loss, he will tell you that this is nothing more than a cosmetic issue. On the other hand, ask someone who is suffering from it and you will get a completely different answer and how it affects that person life on a mental level. Hair loss, in both men and women can have a huge negative impact on the person’s social life and it can even affect your career. Now can you tell me that this is nothing more than a cosmetic problem?

How does Provillus stop hair loss

What causes hair loss? This is not an uncommon problem by far as it has affected both men and women for centuries and will most likely do so in the future. When it comes to men, the most common cause for hair loss is called Male Pattern Baldness (androgenic alopecia). This problem has genetic roots. Namely, if your father has a problem with tinning hair, there is a good chance that you will too.
Androgenic Alopecia can’t be cured, but it can be easily treated with a natural supplement called Provillus. This 100% natural formula is created with a sole purpose of stopping hair loss effectively and preventing it. Read more...


Provillus – keeping the hair on your head

Some people believe that hair loss is the same in women as it is in men. They believe that it is the same thing that causes both of these events and that the treatment can be the same. However, if you are to ask any doctor or expert who deals in hair and hair loss, they will tell you that these two are completely different cases and that the treatment also needs to be different. This is where Provillus comes in as the first hair loss supplement that is aimed both at women and men. More precisely, there are two Provillus products on the market, one that will help men keep their hair and one that will help those women who are also experiencing excessive loss of hair. Read more...

Provillus FAQ

Hair loss is a rather common issue for men, while there are also women who are suffering due to hair loss. It is something that is rather detrimental for the overall appearance of the individual and it is therefore no wonder that people are looking for various solutions to this problem. Provillus is definitely one of the best solutions for hair loss, both in men and in women and we would like to take a look at some of the commonest questions that are being asked about this product by the potential users.

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